Lingerie Care

To extend the life of your lingerie, hand wash in cool water and dry flat or hang to dry. We recommend Hanky Panky Fabric Wash Powder which has been especially formulated for stretch fabrics. Also, please remember that residue from harsh cleansers in the sink can contribute to the damage of fine lingerie, regardless of the hand wash instruction.

REAL SIMPLE magazine writes, "Peroxide from some toothpastes and caustic agents from other cleansers can bleach, stain, degrade and even disintegrate delicate fabrics. Don't throw lingerie into the sink for hand washing… put a colander in the sink and wash the garments in it."

When you can't hand wash, our Panty Wash Bag is the next-best thing. Our exclusive locking drawstring wash bag was designed to protect your precious Hanky Pankies from the ravages of the washing machine. Each bag protects a week's worth of thongs in the washer, and keeps them separated, so that you may hang them to dry. Machine drying is not recommended.