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Uniting Against Lung Cancer (Uniting) funds innovative lung cancer research to find a cure for the nation's leading cancer killer. We also work to increase awareness of the disease, including in people who have never smoked.

Uniting Against Lung Cancer:

* Funds lung cancer research projects at leading cancer centers across the U.S.
* Brings the best lung cancer researchers together to share new ideas
* Raises awareness of lung cancer facts and the desperate need for research dollars
* Collaborates with organizations and groups to find a cure for lung cancer

Founded in 2001, Uniting Against Lung Cancer is one of the largest sources of private funding for lung cancer research in North America. Uniting is recognized as the source of “venture capital” for lung cancer research.

Uniting is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization that others can join to fight lung cancer. Dozens of families, foundations, and organizations partner with Uniting by using our established lung cancer research grant program to fund the best new lung cancer research projects. By working with Uniting, these groups put their money to work on lung cancer research, instead of the administrative costs of running their own non profit organization.