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Our Companions is a nonprofit organization that believes no pet should ever be homeless. Every pet is a beautiful, blessed creature who deserves life and love.

Yet, in Connecticut, healthy pets are destroyed every day. Some animals facing euthanasia have behavior problems that are easily corrected. Others have health issues that can be resolved in a caring home. Most just need the right treatment and a loving human companion.

The staff, animal experts, and volunteers at Our Companions believe there's a proper home for nearly every pet. We're working to create homes for the state's most abused, most neglected, most needy pets. Today we offer dog training classes, one-to-one pet consultations, community education, and many other services.

In the future, we'll offer Connecticut's first Pet Resource Center, which will include a domestic animal sanctuary on 43 acres of generously donated land. This project will provide a community destination having a spay/neuter clinic, low-cost dog training center, community center, pet assisted therapy programs, dog park, hiking trails and reflection gardens. At the sanctuary every animal will be saved from destruction and receive special care. Once healed, they'll become great candidates for adoption into loving, permanent homes.

We care so much about animals. You do, too. So, please find out more about us. Explore our website. Consider volunteering. Talk to your friends about us. Contribute funds. There are so many ways to help our neediest pets.