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FINCA provides financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living. We are an anti-poverty organization whose work is aimed at creating employment, raising family incomes, and reducing poverty worldwide.

We offer small loans and other products to those turned down by traditional banks, believing that even the poor have a right to financial services. With these loans, families can invest in, and build, their own small businesses and their income-earning capacity. Worldwide, our clients post repayment rates over 97 percent.

FINCA pioneered the “Village Banking method” of credit delivery, now used by hundreds of organizations worldwide. Our programs reach the poor in more diverse countries than any other microcredit provider. We operate Village Banking programs in 21 countries of Africa, Eurasia, the Greater Middle East and Latin America, serving nearly 900,000 people – 70% women.

We’re not a typical charity. We offer loans, not gifts, and we promote financial independence, both among our clients and in our programs. Although we are a nonprofit, we operate using sound business principles and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our work enables poor families to create their own solutions to poverty. Our Village Banking methodology promotes community and individual development, helping lift entire communities out of poverty.

Principles that Dignify and Empower the Poor:

- Lending to Women - When given the opportunity, women are responsible borrowers, diligent savers and competent managers who use their income almost exclusively to benefit their children.

- A Self-Employment Loan, Not a Gift - Unlike handouts, which only weaken the dignity of the recipient, FINCA loans build discipline, responsibility and the self-confidence that comes from creating one’s own business.

- Trusting the Poor - Village Banking represents grassroots democracy in action – members elect officers, write by-laws, choose investments, disburse and collect loans, and manage savings.

- High Loan Repayment - Every loan made to an individual is guaranteed by the “moral collateral” of the group. FINCA averages a 97% repayment rate overall.

- Self-Sufficiency. FINCA offers low-income families microsavings plans as a way to encourage savings for education or other future investment, helping them create their own safety net.

- Individual and Group Empowerment - Village Banks are support groups where each member is inspired and encouraged to reach her full potential.