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The Tower of Hope was established in 2006 in order to raise money to fund the extensive training regimen required of service dogs, and to pair those dogs with disabled veterans and others in need of physical and psychological support. After “graduation” from an approved training facility, these service dogs are provided free of charge to individuals whose lives can greatly benefit from having these amazing animals help them day in and day out. With these highly trained dogs at their sides, individuals that have suffered traumatic injuries, or have a chronic illness or some other debilitating condition can return to lives of greater independence and fulfillment. The more money our efforts can raise towards this cause, the more service dogs we can sponsor and pair with deserving recipients.

It can cost more than $25,000 to train each service dog to help disabled individuals navigate through their daily routines. During the course of one person’s lifetime, he or she may require several service dogs, as each dog has an estimated service “career” of about eight years. Service dogs help provide balance while standing or walking, retrieve items that may have been dropped, open doors, turn on lights, and perform a variety of other tasks that most of us can accomplish without thinking. Each service dog is trained to provide assistance for a specific person, and this training includes several weeks of recipient/dog orientation at an approved training facility. Service dogs also provide invaluable companionship and unflinching love to those who have often suffered deep psychological wounds. Sadly, there are thousands of people whose lives can be significantly improved through the use of service dogs, who must wait for funds to become available so that more dogs can be trained.

The Tower of Hope was founded in 2006 by Cathy Carilli, as a tribute to the memory of her husband, Tom Sinton, who was murdered in the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Learn more about the history of The Tower of Hope.