Work Panties
I am a yoga instructor. I suffered wearing a variety of "performance" and "wicking" thongs so as not to have embarrassing panty lines under my yoga pants. My husband, who is a giant fan of thong undies, would get sad when I took off my "work undies" but they were simply too uncomfortable to keep on after work. Then I read about Hanky Panky low rise thongs and thought I'd give them a try. I got a darling pink and printed pair and let me tell you, they were worth the price. My husband was happy that I kept them on after yoga class. Since then, and about 20 pairs or so later, we still get nostalgic when I put on that original pair. They truly are the best thing ever and I can not imagine wearing anything else. Thank you!
Colleen K.

Campus Hanky Panky
The past four years of my life were spent as a poor student. I lived away from home, my eating habits were terrible and more often than not, I grappled with the decision to buy more groceries or buy more liquor. Around Christmastime, my roommate and I went to a boutique to purchase a present for a friend.

Haphazardly she picked up a three-pack of Hanky Panky thongs, turned to me and said, "Oprah wears these". When we looked at the price, I was surprised. The salesclerk told me that it was the best underwear she had ever purchased. I was probing her with questions and was determined to prove that my lace thongs, (purchased at a very popular retailer) were the same thing. I decided to put my ignorance to rest and remembered that my roommate owed me $20 from a night out at the bar. I asked my roommate to give me one of the thongs and cancel her outstanding debt.

As university students, we approached the Hanky Panky thongs in the most economical way: one pair for my roommate, one pair for me and the last pair would become the present for the friend we were originally shopping for.

Needless to say, my roommate, our friend and I have all finished our undergrad and our Hanky Panky thongs lasted the whole way through! When I look in my underwear drawer, 99% of the pairs were purchased within the last six months, which shows how often I recycle my underwear.

Yesterday I decided that it was in my best interest to toss out all my non-Hanky Panky underwear and I bought five new Hanky Panky thongs!

I have turned over a new leaf.

I was sick and tired of skinny little thongs with straps that dig into your skin or leave a visible panty line that tells the whole world exactly where your underwear is residing at any given moment of the day.
I heard about Hanky Panky panties and researched them online. I loved the look, the wide band that stays flat, and all the wonderful colors.  I also love the vintage thong just to change things up a little now and then.
I placed my first order and eagerly awaited my shipment. The day the panties arrived at my house, I practically ripped the package open with my teeth to get at them. I immediately stripped down to try them on and WOW, they were EVERYTHING that I hoped they would be.
I have a drawer full of expensive panties that CAN’T COMPARE to my Hanky Pankys. I love them, my MAN LOVES them, I’m HOOKED!


Life's a Beach
I have been living in Mexico for 18 years at the end of a dirt road in a one turtle town. I recently came to the United States and I met someone who was an image consultant. Transforming my third world dog appearance was like a blank canvas to her. The joke is, "you know the word for underwear in Spanish on the beach? Nada. Nothing." Me and half the town don't wear them. No one cares. I keep two pair for emergencies, (to make my mother more comfortable). 

Well, my image consultant took me to a Dolce Bella to shop. I had her pick me out "panties" and of course they were Hanky Pankies! I feel so girly and sexy now. Not a day goes by without my Hankie Pankies, and I am taking a pair back for each of my girlfriends. I'm trying to start a new trend in the developing world.....

Standing on the beach in panties,


Hanky Panky Cougar
Dear Hanky Panky,

            OK, I shouldn’t be telling this story, but I will, because I would love to help any women who are still wearing granny panties. I owned a company, and my office manager used to make fun of my granny panties all the time. One day, we were working together on a project, and he grabbed the back of my panties, declaring, “We can use these for parachutes! You need to get with it. Only old ladies wear those!” The funny thing is he’s 16 years younger than I am, and as I was going through a bad divorce, I didn’t care much about my underwear at the time.

            Well, a year later, I was in Nordstrom with a friend who loves Hanky Pankies. She was buying some, so I asked her if they were comfortable. She said, “Oh yes. I won’t wear anything else!” So, I bought myself some. Now I won’t wear anything else, either, because not only are they comfortable, I scored in them! They got me a new husband, ha ha!

            Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could marry a younger man, but I did. I was previously married to my high school sweetheart for years, so when I hooked up with my current husband, it was crazy! The cute thing is I married the guy who told me to get with it and stop wearing granny panties. Once he saw me in my Hanky Pankies, dang, he was all over me! He is 28, and I am 43. People call me a cougar. It’s too funny, but if Demi can do it, anyone can. Hanky Panky is my hero! You scored me a great man.

            I am no longer in business for myself. We got married and will celebrate our second anniversary on May 6th. He joined the Army a little over a year ago, and his first duty station is in Germany. Well, he is gone for training, but will be back just in time for our anniversary, so I want to surprise him with a pair of custom Hanky Pankies. He will love them. His name is Royal, so they will have a heart and “Royal” on them. They will be royal blue for his birthstone: sapphire.

Thank you so much for making these panties, because we did “hanky panky” around and fell in love.
PS: I’ll let you know how the Personalized ones go. :)

Swanky Pankies
I don't think my fiancé was familiar with Hanky Pankies before we met (or so he tells me...) and they are the only kind that I wear. When I am getting ready to go somewhere, I open the Hanky Panky drawer and let him choose which ones he wants me to wear (he likes to feel involved and it won't do to let him choose the actual outfit, so...) I swear he is just as excited about every new Hanky Panky purchase as I am. I bought a very ruffly pair a year or so ago that very quickly became his favorite. They are known as my "swanky pankies". There is always a Hanky Panky gift involved in holidays (personalized ones for Valentine's Day, Christmas ones at Christmastime, etc). They have taken on a life of their own in this relationship; panties of any kind now are referred to as "hanks".  We are getting married in June and I plan on wearing the Roslyn thong and garter down the aisle!


Bonding Over Panties
After my wedding a few years ago, my mother in-law gave me 3 pairs of Hanky Panky panties.  I immediately thought—awkward--now she will know what panties I wear!  But much to my surprise we bonded over panties!  We both love them so much and I became a Hanky Panky advocate to all my friends.  They are the only panties I wear and they got me through 2 pregnancies.  Thank goodness my mother in-law gave them to me years ago!


The Great Outdoors
I moved from SC to WY for a summer to work on a ranch. I spent my hours cleaning, hiking and riding horses. With only ONE suitcase of clothing for 5 months, you can imagine the wear and tear on my small underwear supply. A co-worker mentioned her obsession with Hanky Pankies and how much more comfortable they were with all of the activities we had going on. I scoffed at her wearing them in the atmosphere we were in--way, way too pretty for the outdoors...
That is, until I splurged on a pair.
Talk about comfort! Without question, I got rid of the panties that traveled cross country with me.  In their place I have slowly acquired a few more pairs of Hanky Pankies. When I'm out fishing, or camping, or going on a run, I love that I have these beautiful little things on underneath.  It makes me feel so feminine while I'm doing the rugged outdoor stuff.
My Best,

Frugal Thoughts
Well, I am, without a doubt, the cheapest—err most frugal—person I know. So I never spent much on underthings. Like a lot of women, I find much women's underwear VERY uncomfortable, misery-making, in fact. A colleague suggested I do as she does—wear her hubby's boxer briefs. So I did. She was right; men's boxer briefs are very comfy. I scored about 20 after a bunch of new ones were donated to Habitat for Humanity post-Katrina. They were a quarter! I was set for life.
A few weeks ago, another colleague took me aside and whispered that my men's boxer briefs were showing. Since we are professors, this might be mirth-inducing for the students.
Like all teachers, I did the research and discovered your large cadre of devotees. However, I scoffed at the testimonials and tried some cheap knock-offs. VERRRRY uncomfortable.
Then I ordered my daughter a gift from a tony store and added ONE PAIR of the original lace thongs (since it didn't add to shipping! Very frugal!). Well, now I am a convert. I wash my single pair out EVERY NIGHT. I am going to get a few more soon. I figure if I have 4 @ 18 dollars=72 dollars. Hey! That's only $6.00/month. That's only 20 cents a day! Don't all the frugalistas say to consider cost per wear?
Thanks for a great product.


Salute Your Hanky Panky's!
Dear Hanky Panky,

My fiancé and I have been together for three years and he has grown to love Hanky Panky's just as much as I do (he has no other choice)!  He is currently in the United States Air Force on a Special Duty Assignment where his Command travels around the country and even overseas almost 200 days a year.
One evening before a 2 month deployment, he said, "Let me pick a pair of ‘Pank’s’ to take with me."  I instantly lit up but couldn't decide which pair I could part with! 
It is now a tradition; every time he leaves for a trip he picks a different pair of my Hanky Panky’s and packs 'em in his suitcase!  Yes, I have over 50 pairs of HP’s!  My undies have seen more of the world than I have but they are certainly safe with my Airman! :)

Alexandria, VA

P.S. He starts off every "Skype Date" we have with the pair of "Pank's" that he picked…on his head.

Granny Thongs
Dear Hanky Panky,

My Grandmother recently had a stroke and passed away. My mother, sister and I gathered to see her through hospice in West Palm Beach. As you can imagine, it was a tough time for all of us. Not having made it home for Christmas the December before, made it harder for me as it was our last with Grandma. The last time I had seen her was when I was working a conference in her town and she stopped by to help.

On the day of my grandmother's funeral, my sister and I were getting dressed in the guest room. She spotted my teal and floral signature Hanky Panky Most Comfortable Thong and busted out laughing, "I can't believe Grandma got you that thong too!"

It took me a minute to understand why our 86 year-old, church-lady Grandma was purchasing thongs at all. And then it hit me, I was lucky enough to have Lida on a panel just one year earlier in West Palm Beach. Hanky Panky had generously provided thongs for our gift bags. Grandma had helped stuff the gift bags. Turns out that next Christmas (her last) a thong ended up in a stocking or two. Grandma had borrowed from the gift bags!

Needless to say, my sister and I laughed for a good while and it made everything a bit lighter. Thank you Hanky Panky for making a great memory during a tough time! My sister and I still laugh every time one of us pulls up the waistband on that signature thong!


Good Luck Thongs
I travel to Africa and Asia on humanitarian missions at least 4 times a year. I take a variety of colors of Hanky Panky thongs on each trip…always wearing the red ones for good luck on the plane ride!!! Yes, I’m crazy…but so far, so good. Let’s hope your red thongs continue to make my travels safe ones.
Spreading the Word
Hi Hanky Panky enthusiasts worldwide! Let me start off by reassuring you: I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID TO ADVERTISE THIS LINE NOR HAVE I BEEN COERCED IN ANY WAY!! Ok, when I first heard about Hanky Panky, I balked at the price but decided to splurge on myself. I just had to try the underwear that is so light and comfortable and doesn't leave ghastly, itchy lines on your sides. I bought one and I WAS HOOKED. The very next day, I was off to the store for 3 more. Since then, I've added a lot more of the low rise thongs to my collection. I'm a nurse so I have to do a lot of walking, bending, lifting etc. and I cannot afford to have anything distracting me from my tasks. These Hanky Pankys are the best ever!!

Hanky Panky in South Africa
Good day from South Africa!

Ever since my wife’s first pair of Hanky Pankys, bought on a special overseas holiday, nothing is good enough! Not only do they make HER feel great, but she looks sooo good in them too.

An appreciative “Hanky Panky” husband!

I am completely and totally obsessed with Hanky Panky brand thongs. They are unbelievable. If you don't have them yet, run out and buy some TODAY. I have converted so many of my friends into Hanky Panky girls. I really can't shut up about them and I've basically had my own marketing campaign for years (shouting from the rooftops how great these things are)! For those of you who aren't in on the secret yet, they are these lacy thong underwear that are comfortable as HELL, yet totally sexy at the same time. You can't even tell you are wearing them (meaning that they don't ride up your ass like dental floss) and there are absolutely zero panty lines with these things. The best part? They are...(wait for it)...ONE SIZE FITS ALL! They aren't kidding on this one, because I wore those suckers right up through my last month of pregnancy, and I had gained a good 50 pounds. I checked into the hospital wearing a maternity track suit (nothing else fit) and a Hanky Panky thong. And I was the sexiest chick that had ever hit Sky Ridge Medical Center.

Mary F.

A Deal is a Deal
My very sexy boyfriend and I made a special deal one night—he agrees to style his goatee exactly as I want it and I buy lingerie for him. Can you believe I arranged for a consultation with my stylist and he had to modify it twice before I was happy? A deal is a deal, right? Onto my end of the bargain… I am a fairly curvy Hispanic girl so finding the perfect piece was a challenge. I had several Hanky Panky thongs which he was already a fan of. He says they flatter my figure (booty). When I found the bralette to go with my black lace Hanky Panky thong, I couldn’t wait to show them off. He was so excited to see me in the ensemble! Some might say it was a shame I didn’t get to wear them for long but, keeping it in perspective, I had a great time! Thanks Hanky Panky!

Laura M
Fabulously Sexy Yet Practical
A girl who always wore boring cotton panties and thought thongs were uncomfortable, I finally got up the courage to try your thongs and absolutely fell in love! I discovered that they are not only fabulously sexy, but they are also completely comfortable and even practical. With their amazingly soft and stretchy lace band, your thongs have helped me avoid the dreaded VPL. Thanks to you and The Wall Street Journal, I have been VPL-free and feeling sexy!!

Thanks Hanky Panky!

Hanky Panky in Tribeca
So, I was shopping one day in a Tribeca boutique and I saw a box on the counter with little rolled up “lace things.” I asked the girl behind the counter what they were and she gushed! She told me they were the most comfortable things she’s ever worn—the BEST panties ever. Needless to say I was skeptical. Must be another sales pitch, I thought. So I went back to the store a few times, and FINALLY bought a pair. To say I was thrilled would be a gross understatement.

I went back two days later and bought every color. I even bought some for my mom! This was two years ago. Since then, I have bought more than I care to admit to. I even have my girlfriends wearing them! But the true testament is that I wore them all through my pregnancy!

I love HANKY PANKY!!! I will wear nothing else!


Tasteful Boyfriend
My boyfriend has exquisite taste and knows how to use it. He knew I was annoyed at him one snowy afternoon. Later the next day I got a text saying he had a gift for me. When I opened the box, it was the most adorable bralette and panty set I had ever seen! Bright orange and floral print, with hot pink lace! How do you stay annoyed at someone who buys you super comfy underwear in your favorite colors?

Alison H.
Hanky Panky Every Day
I never understood those girls who claim to wear thongs EVERY DAY. “Oh, you just get used to it,” they’d say. My thought was, if I wanted to be that uncomfortable ALL THE TIME, I’d walk around with a tree branch in my jeans! Recently, I picked up a couple of the low-rise Hanky Pankys (Pankies?). Declining a shopping bag, I tossed the rolls into my purse and took them home. Great news: I AM one of those every-day-thong-wearing girls now, but I’ll only do it with one brand: the accept-no-substitutes 4911 low-rise thong from Hanky Panky (and I now own MANY more than the two I started with!). I love these things! Thank you so much for thinking of our comfort and our need to look great in our lingerie at the same time! This underwear is nothing short of heroic to the institution of being a chick—thanks so much again!

Nordstrom Manager
I am 50 years old and am Assistant Manager for lingerie at Nordstrom. I had heard that Hanky Panky's are comfortable, but they were not something I had ever considered wearing. However, as Assistant Manager, I felt I should try them. To my surprise, I love them and look forward to sharing my story with my customers. You don't have to be young to wear a thong--and they're comfortable! I love your product and will be selling it to my customers.

Biking Bride
I've always been a cotton hipster type of gal. I'd much rather suffer panty lines than the discomfort of a thong.

My friend recently gave me a pair of your low rise thongs as the "something blue" for my wedding day and I don't remember thinking about my undies once. We even biked seven miles to our reception!

Thank you for allowing me to focus on more important things on my wedding day.

Angela H. (teacher)
The Kitchen Club
During dinner at The Kitchen Club in NYC, I was presented with a lovely lace panty--the Hanky Panky ruched boy short. It's rich turquoise hue stood out amid warm yellow walls of the restaurant. In the ambient light, the tiny garment took on an otherworldly glow.

Too pretty to hide away, I left the panty on our table.

Marja Samsom, owner of the restaurant stopped at our table. "Ah, just my size." For a moment I considered giving the panty to her in thanks for the delicious dumpling dinner we were enjoying. However, my passion for beauty won over any glimmer of generosity. I decided to keep them.

But strange forces were at work that night. Perhaps Marja sent Chibi, her charming canine assistant, to distract me with those soulful eyes. I left without my enchanted panties.

The next day, word got around that Marja sent an e-mail to Gale Epstein, owner of Hanky Panky: Anonymous diner calls in to report loss during dinner of turquoise lace Hanky Panky panties!

Diane C.
(pantyless in NJ)
Frisky Men
Three mid-aged couples--close friends for years--were sharing a house for a long summer weekend. The wives are all avid Hanky Panky wearers with only color and style separating their tastes.

When the men were returning from golf, one of them suggested the crazy idea that they "borrow" Hanky Panky thongs from their wives and secretly wear them to dinner. Needless to say, there was a fair amount of squirming at the restaurant that evening.

After dinner, when they all arrived back at the house, the men lined up--arms over each others' shoulders in a chorus line--and broke into their rendition of "My Baby Does the Hanky Panky". At the end of the song, the men dropped their drawers in unison and took a bow, as their stunned wives fell to the ground with uncontainable howls of laughter.

E.M., Esq.
South Africa to the South
A client introduced me to Hanky Pankies--she swore by them. I ended up replacing the scads of undies in my lingerie drawer with a lacy pile of HP's.

Soon after, I gave a pair to a friend visiting from South Africa. Her comment--"Why didn't you stop me when I bought other (pricier!) brands? These are so much better!"

And then there's the 73 year old Southern lady--my mom. When she complained about not having the right undies for her mid-rise jeans, I trepidatiously suggested HP's. She looked at my like I was crazy, but agreed to try a pair. She loves them!

Stocking stuffers will be easy this Christmas!

Cheri L.
One Size Really Fits All!
I wanted you to see that people of all ages enjoy your underwear! When you say “one size fits all”, you really mean it. My 16 month old daughter went through the items in my purse and insisted on putting her arms through the leg holes of my spare underwear (which I keep in my purse).

I want you to know that your underwear is all that I wear and I am over 8 months pregnant with my second child!

Thank you for making such a pretty and comfortable product.


Dr. Robyn B., Toronto, Canada



She asks if I've tried thongs. I say, "No way."
But lacy, feminine panties I do lack.
The colors change my mood from drab to gay:

Salmon, plum, celadon, cafe.
The thongs are handed over in a sack.
I protest: she will not let me pay.

Mint, champagne, aquamarine, and they
include two pairs of ever-sexy black.
I am touched. I don't know what to say.

"Try them," she repeats, "for just a day."
They'll be uncomfortable. I'll give them back.
But feeling bold, I try them anyway.

Lida, I know, would not lead me astray.
I choose cerulean from the gossamer stack.
There's also cream and fuchsia, peach, pearl gray.

Thick, ugly cotton underpants--away!
For this, from Tom, I know I'll get no flack.
She asked if I wore thongs. I said, "no way!"
Now thongs transform my mood from drab to gay.

Nancine Tuthill
Plus Sized Gal
What's a plus sized girl to do when she wants to look and feel like a goddess in her panties but all she can find is either uncomfortable or unattractive? Hanky Panky plus sized thongs are the best discovery I've ever made! They are comfortable enough to wear every day, have never once given me the dreaded thong wedge, they don't leave marks or lines and I always have on something devilishly adorable should my husband ever find himself in the mood. Is it crazy to attribute a ton of self-esteem and self-confidence to underwear?

Sample Sale Near-Disaster
When I read in Daily Candy that Hanky Panky was having a sample sale just blocks from my office, I knew I had to go and spend! I happily snatched over 16 gorgeous pairs of thongs for myself and friends for Christmas. I was elated when I a little kid in a candy store.

Somehow, between the sale and the subway, my shopping bag vanished. I was absolutely horrified and ran laps up and down the streets I'd travelled with no success. I was beyond upset and the only thing I could think of was that one lucky homeless man was going to be wearing some seriously fabulous panties.

Almost in tears, I ran panting back into the sale hoping and praying that someone may have found AND returned it. I had to have them. I was ready to buy all of them again if my bag was nowhere to be found. Low and behold--right at the register I'd checked out at--sat my lonely bag waiting for me to come and reclaim it. And with that revelation came a huge sigh of relief and a new found respect for my undying love of the most fabulous of under garments.

Holiday Hanky Panky
I received my first pair of fabulous Hanky Panky's in my stocking last Christmas and I immediately fell in love! They are a dream come true. Since then I have been given a pair for every occasion and couldn't be happier. Now I have started giving them as gifts to my friends and to my college roommates. Let's just say that they all are officially hooked! I have definitely started a great tradition among us girls. What an amazing pair of panties to have in your drawer!

Thank You,
Comfortable, Sexy & Patriotic
First of all, I want to thank you for making the world’s greatest underwear. The original 4811 is all I ever wear. I also wanted to thank Ms. Orzeck for the excellent interview in today’s Wall Street Journal (5-11-09 Insight Exchange). Your decision to keep the $18 cost the same even as your costs have increased did not go unnoticed by this loyal customer. I recently purchased several more pairs and love that they are made right here in the USA and every pair is perfect.

Thank you again for making me feel comfortable, sexy and patriotic! :)

Robin W.
Packing Hanky Panky
Friends turned me on to Hanky Panky a few years ago--one gave a leopard-print thong to another for her birthday, saying they were the only underwear she wore. I've since bought thongs, chemises, PJs and camisole-and-boy-short sets.

Recently, a friend of mine who was about to leave on a 10-day trip to Miami and Cuba told me she'd packed 18 HP thongs...just in case it was a two-shower-a-day trip! I laughed and realized there's no way you could do that with ordinary undies. You'd have no space left in your suitcase for anything else!

Lisa F.
Show Panties
I have grown up with Hanky Panky all of my life since Lida Orzeck, one of the company founders, is my cousin and so for as long as I can remember my sister and I have fought over our Hanky Panky gifts. Hanky Panky was not always available in Canada where we live and so we felt quite exclusive for owning a few items.

Now, I work as a contemporary dancer and choreographer. In the dressing room of a recent performance I did, the topic of "show panties" came up amongst the cast of dancers. "Show panties" are that special thong that you wear for performances. Especially for dancers, finding the right thong that won't show any lines in your costumes and is comfortable is a big deal. So I brought up Hanky Panky in this conversation and, to my surprise, everyone in the room was already sporting a pair and were die hard supporters!
Medical Hanky Panky
I have been an internist in NYC for over 25 years and therefore have an opportunity to see what women are wearing as underclothes. Increasingly, I have noticed that they are wearing the Hanky Panky thong, in a variety of cheery hues. I know this because Hanky Panky is my favorite brand!

Dr. B.
Of course, everyone knows that Hanky Panky created the world's most comfortable thong...but, did you know it is so comfortable I actually wore one in a marathon? Granted, it took me just about 5 hours to complete the 26.2 miles, but I did so in Hanky Panky style!


A Sisterly Moment
We are four actresses who performed together earlier this year in an Off Broadway play. We shared one dressing room and when our clothes came off we discovered that we were all wearing Hanky Panky!
A sisterly moment we wanted to share with you.

Sarah Paulson
Lily Rabe
Jennifer Dundas
Jessica Stone
A Husband's Intimate Knowledge
I recently had the privilege of meeting with Lida, one of the founders of Hanky Panky. When I told my husband the news, he said, "Wow, if that isn't a dream come true for you and your sister." As a devoted Hanky Panky supporter, I was shocked by my husband's intimate knowledge of my sister's underwear of choice! I asked him how on earth he was privy to such information and he reminded me of a trip to Nantucket we took with my sister and her husband. At a store there, my brother-in-law called out to my sister, "Hey, they have that underwear you love. Do you want some?" My husband, who, at the time was my boyfriend, was blown away by the fact that my brother-in-law knew about underwear brands. Of course, when my husband sees Hanky Panky in a store now, he is the first to call it out to me!

Monica Murphy
Committed Relationship
After nine months of planning, I called off my wedding 5 weeks before the big day. The dress had been bought and tailored, the menus planned, flowers ordered, church and hotels reserved, invitations ready to go. So, after letters to guests, returned wedding gifts and lots of tears, we undid all the planning. I had to return to my hometown to pick up my wedding dress. My three best friends rallied together and came home as well and we turned it into the best girls' weekends ever. The Saturday morning I was to pick up my dress, the girls came to my parents' house and, along with my mom, made Bloody Marys before heading out to the dress shop. Post-dress pickup, we went to lunch and then, of course, went shopping. Our first stop? The lingerie department! The three of them literally made a beeline to a table full of Hanky Pankies and, before I knew it, I was the owner of 3 pair of HP thongs. The day marked the beginning of a beautiful, committed relationship that I KNOW will last a lifetime!
One Size
I really enjoy shopping for myself however one item I detest shopping for is under garments. Yes, I think they are beautiful when I pass by the local shop windows but it never fails to bore me when I start trying them on. After choosing to stop by a little shop here in Boise & looking at the lovely wares (I was already starting to lose interest) when the sales girl told me that Hanky Panky's were her favorite panties. She walks me over to the silk lined drawer where the Hanky Panky's are kept & proceeds to tell me that we wear the same size. Right I think as I stare at this woman. She begins to tell me she & all of her customers do too. I hold the neatly wrapped package of panties & think well why not? Here begins my love of Hanky Panky; they truly were the most comfortable undies in my drawer & my sweetie found them sexy too! I am slowly building my collection & enjoying the time I spend doing so.

I had heard girlfriends' general praises for thong-style underwear, versus traditional "cheek-covering" undies. I tried several times, and they were all terribly uncomfortable. Another unfortunate realization... these thongs often peeked up above the waistband of my favorite low-rise pants for all the world to see. Awful! So, I reverted to settling for my original fashion faux pas: the dreaded V.P.L (Visible Panty Lines!) Then one day, a wonderful friend revealed her secret, Hanky Panky thongs! Lo and behold, I'm a believer! With Hanky Panky thongs backing me up, my wardrobe grew significantly, to include a rich abundance of my favorite style pants: snug-fitting low-rise jeans and pants... with NO lines, no VPL, and no peeking thongs! Glory!!!


Wearing a Whisper
I'm a serious, professional woman who never so much as considered the possibility of wearing thongs, until a friend gave me a bunch of them.They were in a palette of beautiful pastel and bright shades, and, of course, black. A color for every mood. "Try them," she said, and I did.

Having them on felt like wearing a whisper, and soon I couldn't wear my cotton briefs any more, the ones that were identical to what I'd worn as a child: thick, sturdy, flesh-colored horrors that never seemed to wear out. (My thongs are sturdy, too, for all their delicacy.) I bought more.

I'm a Hanky Panky fan now. Who would have thought it? Evidently, life doesn't have to be lived in grim underwear.


Genius Goddesses
Gale and Lida,

You are genius goddesses.

Most of my girlfriends wear thongs and tell me how it makes them feel all fabulous and sexy all day long.
Well, every brand I ever tried made me feel annoyed after an hour and I would promptly remove them in the bathroom at work, go commando and carry them in my bag all day, or throw them away!

Until......I was told about your product. And actually tried a pair.

Wow. These are comfortable, look great and I must say my man always told me he dug my cute mesh boy shorts (which I am sure he does...) but he was practically mesmerized when I sported my new Hanky Panky. A great night was had by all...

Thanks again!

Grateful Husband
Hello Hanky Panky Staff –

First, I wanted to tell you that my wife loves your products. She has been ranting and raving about Hanky Pankys since she put her first pair on. Now it has become a regular topic among all her friends, coworkers and acquaintances. I can’t remember a conversation where Hanky Panky has not come up. Secondly, I wanted to thank you for your quality products. It’s not everyday that a husband gets to be satisfied by his wife’s happiness in her underpants. Thank you. We have been married for almost two years and I have to tell you that Hanky Panky will be a long part of our marriage. Thank you again for you dedication to quality and for making my wife feel incredible.

A grateful husband,

A Rainbow of Thongs
Have I mentioned how exciting it is to have a drawer full of cool underpants? How does one decide one color over another? I decided to let my mood dictate my underthings. I wore the bright pink yesterday because I was feeling sassy. Today, I was feeling more conservative, yet still a bit sassy, and chose the beige because it was a pretty close match to my beige bra. I cannot predict what the future holds, but tomorrow is a brand new day…and yet another opportunity to wear cool underpants!


Hanky Panky in the Boardroom
Dear Hanky Panky,

After I sent this story to my girlfriends, they were laughing so hard and were so entertained they insisted I send the story to you. For whatever entertainment it may provide! (PS: Hanky Panky is the only kind of underwear I will wear). Today among the many things I did, I gave a training to one of my new clients, on managing their account. A training usually involves a web meeting where I share my screen with the attendees and they can then see how to go through the account as I walk them through. At the very END of the training I looked at my browser and realize that the entire time the Google toolbar had something in it. Something I’d searched for many hours prior and forgotten about: HANKY PANKY THONGS! I can only hope they didn’t see, or that if they did, they think, well damn, at least she’s got good taste in panties.

Bidding War
Recently, I attended a fundraising Gala. There was both a silent and live auction. The live auction opened with an offer of 7 pairs of Hanky Panky underwear beautifully wrapped in a basket. The hope was that the idea would inspire some outrageous bidding and set the stage for the evening…following--of course--the cocktail hour. Several people started bidding and the price was quickly raised to over $500.00. My husband got into what I guess can only be called a bidding war and I now have 7 pairs of your panties for a cost of $625.00 and for a cause I cherish.

I love them, they are incredibly comfortable, they leave no panty lines and the colors are great!

Ellen W.
Man's Best Friend  
Dear Gale and Lida,

Until this past weekend I had never heard of Hanky Panky. However that all changed after my dog Rudy (a 120 pound Rottweiler/German Shepherd) ate the crotch out of a pair of your panties. My lady friend was visiting for the weekend and after a night of dancing had stuffed her thong into a gym bag which she had left in the bathroom. The next morning I found them on the floor with the crotch chewed out and much to my chagrin learned that this was not an ordinary pair of thongs. Fortunately for him and for me my lady friend has a good sense of humor and is very understanding. Consequently she gave me an education on thongs and on Hanky Panky in particular. She went on and on about the comfort and quality of your panties.

From a man’s perspective I find your thongs to be very erotic, sexy and classy but maybe what’s even more important, they achieve this without being tacky.From now on rather than sending my lady friend flowers, she’ll be getting a pair of Hanky Panky thongs. Thank you for making such a fine product. Oh, and if you need a slogan, may I suggest “Hanky Panky, comfortable for women but loved by man and man’s best friend” or “Hanky Panky, your man and his dog will love them”. You get the idea, it’s just a thought.

Thanks again.
Sincerely and on behalf of Rudy,

Beautiful Bridesmaids
Dear Hanky Panky,

On my wedding day, I wore your low rise bridal thong so that I could look and feel as beautiful as I had always imagined. Your thongs give me the confidence I desire in lingerie.

In turn, I wanted to give each of my seven bridesmaids a gift that would make them feel beautiful. So, of course, I gave them each a pink bridesmaid thong. One of my bridesmaids even cried, "This is the best day ever—my best friend is getting married and I am going to be smokin'!"

All of my bridesmaids shared this sentiment and told me that it was so nice to have been given a gift that made them feel as confident and sexy standing up in front of an audience as I did. They sure needed it too—about 10 minutes before walking down the aisle, we each took a quick bathroom break. All of our dresses had sashes on them. And we ALL dipped them in the toilets!

There was nothing we could do! Each of our dresses had a 4 inch watermark down the end of the sash.

My bridesmaid Jess said it best, "Whatever, at least we are sexy as hell underneath it all."
Quickly, we had the photographer snap a picture of our disaster and we just smiled and laughed all the way down the aisle.

Later, at the reception, I had several guests come up to me and say, "Wow, you and your friends are some of the happiest girls we have ever seen." Yep, that sure is true.

So, thank you Hanky Panky, for lightening up a tough situation and making us all feel like the amazing women we are!!!