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Find Your Perfect Thong Fit

The Comfort Briefing

Find Your Perfect Thong Fit

Can a thong ever be comfortable? The key is getting the thong fit, fabric and style right. For 38 years women have relied on us for comfort and trust us for consistency and quality. Click to learn more as we help you find your perfect thong fit.

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The Hanky Panky Blog

Welcome to the Comfort Conversation – the Hanky Panky blog. As the official sponsor of comfort since 1977, here’s where you’ll discover everything you need to know about underwear.

Think of this blog as a lingerie dating service. If you haven’t found the perfect underwear match – and believe us, we make it – then you’ll find guides here on silhouettes, fit, style and our kitten-soft fabric options.

As makers of The World’s Most Comfortable Thong ™, we have information on all things thong, including care tips.  And dip into our community pages – the cult of comfort. We never forget it’s our millions of fans who grew our brand into a movement, hear from them.