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Heart Disease is an epidemic among women. As the number one killer of women, heart disease kills more women than all cancers…COMBINED.

Events of the Heart is a non-profit organization dedicated to using the creative arts to have women stand together and demand the education, awareness, and screening they deserve, ensuring a healthy heart.

As we tour the country, Events of the Heart is turning the tide of this epidemic with the urgent message that heart disease is no longer an old man's problem, but is affecting 500,000 American women. Our goal is to raise consciousness by revealing the truth about this threat and engaging women in taking responsibility for their health by creating a CALL TO ACTION for their own lives.

Through books, workshops, videos, theater and film our goal is to educate women about every aspect of heart disease - from prevention to genetic factors to the emotional and physical facets of the recovery process. We want to empower women to live heart healthy. Our founding grantor is the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Their generosity and commitment to women’s health helped make Events of the Heart a reality.