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Barnard women make great leaders.

Since our founding in 1889, Barnard graduates have risen to the top of every field of endeavor, from the sciences to the arts, from politics to business. We inspire young women to think courageously. And we are unequivocally dedicated to cultivating smart, engaged, confident leaders who are making their mark on the world.

From its distinctive platform of a liberal arts college devoted to women's leadership – located in a one of the world's great centers of commerce and art – Barnard is ideally positioned to build the Athena Center for Leadership Studies into a premier interdisciplinary center devoted to the theory and practice of women's leadership.

Launched in fall 2009, the Athena Center investigates the ideas at the forefront of women's leadership – what it means to lead, to motivate, to collaborate, and to excel.

A special initiative of Barnard's President, Debora Spar, the Athena Center is directed by Kathryn Kolbert. A public-interest attorney and journalist, Kolbert brings to Barnard an extraordinary depth of experience in collaborative leadership, educational programming, and civil-rights advocacy.