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Meade Canine Rescue is a non profit canine rescue established with the goal of saving dogs (and the occasional cat) who for various reasons end up in local municipal pounds and would otherwise be euthanized. Established by one woman who walked into a kill pound one spring afternoon and learned that the dogs she had her eye on that day would not be there the next – with the 3 day holiday approaching, the dogs would be put down to make less work for the staff. With that news weighing on her, she went home and built fences, determined to do what she could for as many as she could. And she quickly learned that there was truth in that line so well known in the world of rescue – one person may not be able to save the world’s dogs but one person can certainly change the world for that one dog. Dogs listed on this site are those who TRULY were in danger — and by adopting one, room can be made for another wonderful, but oh so unfortunate, animal sitting in a concrete cage on borrowed time. Dog Patch welcomes inquiries and is more than willing to answer behavioral questions. Overnights for dog socialization can be arranged with advance notice. Other services including dog transport, vet scheduling and pet matchmaking. Thank you for your interest in rescuing – and always be responsible.