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The Women’s Alliance is a national organization of independent, community based members who provide professional attire and career skills training to low income women and their families seeking self sufficiency. The Womens’ Alliance provides a point of focus for collaborative efforts among organizations delivering similar services, thereby maximizing resources, expertise and best practices to every member’s ultimate benefit. As such, The Women’s Alliance functions as a national center for collaborative program development, fund raising, public relations, marketing and communication efforts. A key function of The Women’s Alliance is to help new organizations get started in communities that are not already being served.

Due to changes in the welfare system, thousands of women are faced with the loss of their welfare benefits. Members of The Women's Alliance provide an important service by motivating, educating and training women as well as providing professional attire to help women get and keep jobs.

The average percentage of women obtaining employment after receiving the services of a The Women's Alliance member organization is approximately 70%.

The Women's Alliance member organizations help provide a bridge to opportunity and independence for women seeking to become gainfully employed.

"Our member programs, which help women referred by local government and non-profit agencies, do more than boost self-confidence and improve lifestyles--they also save tax dollars. In Illinois, for instance, each client who achieves economic self-sufficiency no longer receives an average of $9,000 in direct assistance, which in turn saves tax dollars."

Nicole Wild, Executive Director, The Women's Alliance

"Job training and support systems that move women from welfare to the paid workforce are helping to build a stronger economy and stronger families. With training to compete for well-paying jobs, the wages that women earn have a multiplier effect in their local communities--as tax-paying citizens they contribute to the local tax base, as consumers they contribute to the local economy, and as economically-independent heads of household they provide a positive role model for their children."

Jill Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer, Women Work!