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All She Will Wear

Hanky Panky Thong with BootsI

I was cleaning out my iPhoto, and came across this Hanky Panky Thong photo my wife sent to me last year. They're all she will wear.

- TJ, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My Wife is a Convert

My wife has always been very "conservative" when it came to her lingerie. Over a couple of years, I had purchased a couple of your competitors’ thongs. She never wore them, as they were uncomfortable.

At some point, I heard about Hanky Panky. Seeing them in a store, I bought her a package of three. She wore them, and had no complaints. I have since purchased her more, for Valentine's Day, her birthday, or just a surprise gift.

Well, now she has about twenty! She won't wear anything else. She says they are very comfortable, and likes the line-free look from behind. She now has some original rise and some low rise in various colors. A couple of Hanky Panky After Midnight® open thongs are also in her drawer, along with some of your other lingerie products.

Thank you for making a great product.


Puppies + Undies

My name is Sophie and this is about my dog Harper.  She's 10 months old and very precocious! She absolutely adores the lacy Hanky Panky underwear! She loves them so much she's eaten a few pairs in the short months we've had her. My boyfriend discovered this as he was picking up poop and saw the tag :) Last week she pulled down my box and although had the choice of a variety of styles, specifically pulled out a bright green pair and down they went. Unfortunately she also happened upon a hair tie and the combination didn't agree so well with her. After surgery yesterday to remove the undies, kind of funny hearing the doctor ask about something lacy and green, she's recovering well and should come home either tonight or tomorrow. I'm hesitant to purchase any more as I don't want to tempt her but your products are great. They fit really well and I love the super fun colors and patterns. Cross your fingers that maybe she learned a lesson :)
Sophie B. - Portland OR 

In Bloom
This Thong Diary entry was written by a woman who has been battling cancer for the past year.

Dear Hanky Panky,

Are you sitting down? I will tell you a story—not long, but it involves the soft, pretty and VERY pink top (I LOVE) that I was gifted this past winter.

So—Where I live in Northern New Mexico there are amazing views of the Sangre di Christo Mountains. Wildlife is abundant.
This past Saturday I was wearing my pink Hanky Panky top on the property.

My eye caught sight of the brightest and reddest single-petaled rose bush when several feisty hummingbirds flew towards it. I froze…..and a hummer, with her fast fluttering wings, touched my right shoulder (close to my neck). I still feel her – days later.
The bird thought I was a flower. I retain that belief! I feel blessed.

With love,

A Golfer's Perspective
Dear Thong Diary,

I offer this tangent. I’m an avid golfer. My regular group consists of four married men ranging in age from 58 to 72. We share a great love of the game and womankind.

Nine years ago, Tom and I decided to establish a regular match to enliven our twice-weekly four-hour rounds at Rancho Park on the west side of LA. This coincided with the National Hockey League strike, so Tom suggested we vie for the Stanley Cup. Over time the winner was referred to as Stanley and, for reasons I can no longer recall, the loser answered to Sally. Unhappy with the mildly misogynistic tone this struck, we had the names switch sides so the winner became Sally and was said to be “wearing the dress”.

A year or so later, we decided to play for “the thong”. We were soon speaking of the thong just as we did the dress. Depending on the outcome of my matches, my “wardrobe” could vary dramatically.

Jim started to feel a little left out and definitely under dressed. I forget in what order the rest of this took place, but now, every day we play the following matches are vigorously waged:

Brock v. Tom – The Dress
Brock v. Richard – The Thong
Brock v. Jim – The Panties
Tom v. Richard – The Bustier
Tom v. Jim – The Poodle Skirt
Richard v. Jim – The Burka

This past April, we traveled to Tucson to play the first annual Ensemble and Richard, it hurts me to say, went home with all the garments.

I’ll say in closing, that no actual garments were hurt, or even employed, in these contests. But if they were, we’d buy them from Hanky Panky!

From Die Happy, by Brock Walsh. Appearing in bookstores (if there are any left) soon.

My Sisters
I am extraordinarily proud of my two sisters. Valerie, who passed all the required exams in an incredibly short period of time, is a financial planner, and provides investment advice to my family and many others. My other sister has a PhD, is an accomplished cellist, has many civic accolades, worked with NYPD, and just happened to have a friendship with a woman named Gale which led to their founding the most unusual company ever... Yes, that's my baby sister Lida.

I speak at medical meetings three or more times a week across the US. During the past year I always ask the audience if they have heard of Hanky Panky. Not one time have I been disappointed. I also recognize that the yelps of surprise to my question indicates that someone is wearing a Hanky Panky item, probably the iconic thong.

Eric A Orzeck MD

Holy Pansies
Our family mythology includes two stories about underwear.

In one, my Aunt is shopping at a big department store and asks the salesgirl where she can find the pansies. She was so used to shopping for her two young daughters—never for herself—that she had forgotten the proper word for panties. In the other, my own mother likes to remind me and my brothers that while she always dressed us impeccably, she went around with holes in her drawers.

I swore I would never forget myself so thoroughly when I became a mother.

Today, the only holes in my panties are the tiny spaces between the soft lace of my Hanky Panky boy shorts. They are the most comfortable, sexy underwear I’ve ever owned. My husband tells me I look like a pretty package in them, waiting to be opened. Wearing them is a daily reminder to treat myself as well as I treat my family. Being good to oneself should never go out of style.

Lisa Duggan

Moving Day
After plenty of roaming around and traveling post-college, I've finally settled down in my first home.

This past weekend, as I moved all of my belongings to a new place, I did a major overhaul on all of my belongings... including my underwear drawer. After a few minutes of separating out what I should and shouldn't keep, I saw that my small collection of Hanky Panky low rise thongs dominated my "keep" pile. I quickly tossed those less desirable. As I begin my new life in my new home, I know that the only underwear I will choose to add to my collection from now on will be Hanky Pankys. They're more amazing, more comfortable, and as my testament proves-more durable than anything else out there!

Thanks for helping me start my brand new life out in style!

Mary Katherine

As a young girl, I used to love to look through my mother's lingerie drawer. Back in the late 50s/early 60s, my mother wore coordinating lingerie: bras, panties, half slips. They were neatly arranged in sets by color.

My father delighted in purchasing them for her, and on more than one occasion, I accompanied him to the lingerie department at J. L. Hudson's in Detroit as he selected just the right pieces for her Christmas or birthday gifts.

My mother passed away 9 years ago, and while I have many extraordinary memories of her, this particular memory was tucked away until tonight when I visited and placed an order on the Hanky Panky website. I especially love the retro and glam pieces, and the original and low-rise thongs are the most comfortable I've ever worn.

Thanks for the memories, Hanky Panky!


Hanky Panky at the Ballet
Dear Hanky Panky,

I'm a 40-year old professional and I typically choose cotton panties for everyday attire. While out shopping at a local boutique for something to wear to an upcoming evening at the ballet, I noticed the Hanky Panky section. I decided to add one of the lacy French bikinis to my shopping bag. Am I ever glad I did! They are so pretty, sexy and incredibly comfortable, too. (And it's also gratifying to know that they are made here in the States!)

Not only do I expect to add more French bikinis to my Hanky Panky collection soon, but I now plan to wear them underneath my outfit to the ballet. :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Six Best Friends
Dear Hanky Panky,

I was stressing about finding the perfect gift for my high school best friends for Christmas. We are all college freshman, so I was looking for just the right thing to give them when we come home to exchange presents.

During high school, we six girls were absolute best friends. We have many hilarious stories regarding our Hanky Panky undies. When I found out that it was possible to personalize them, I knew I had found the perfect gift!

I personalized them each to say "six." So, whenever they wear them they will remember our amazing times in high school. I got each girl her favorite color and I am so excited to give them to them for Christmas!

Thank you Hanky Panky for your fun personalization option!


Hanky Panky Thong of the Month Club
Dear Hanky Panky,

I had the pleasure of meeting Lida last month at a work event where she was the keynote speaker, and she encouraged me to share my story on the Thong Diaries. Here goes….

My sisters and I have always been HUGE Hanky Panky fans. I know there are a lot of people like us out there, but we are hands down the biggest fans and between the three of us, we probably own every single color and pattern of Hanky Panky ever made (almost). We are such fans, that my sister Sarah requested for her birthday, tongue and cheek, some new Hanky Panky thongs.

Being a broke college student at the time, I figured this would be a great luxury for her to receive. I started brainstorming clever ways to make the gift a bit more special and personal. A light bulb went off in my head when I remembered that my favorite lingerie store in Boston, French Dressing, was offering a “panty of the month” promotion for Valentine’s Day a few years back. Using this concept as inspiration, I created a “Hanky Panky of the Month Club” gift certificate that I gave to Sarah for her birthday. Every month, for six months, my sister would receive a brand new Hanky Panky thong.

I started in the summer with a pair of nautical-themed stripes and each month Sarah got a special wrapped package from me with a seasonally appropriate pair of undies and often fun sayings. We rounded out December with a red pair with a green waistband for the holidays.

I’m not sure who enjoyed it more–me or Sarah! Shopping for the thongs each month was so much fun, and I could barely wait for Sarah’s reaction when she would receive her new pair! This is a great gift idea, and I would even encourage Hanky Panky to try something like this for customers, and friends/relatives/significant others of Hanky Panky fans. I know that my boyfriend would be forever grateful for this type of a gifting option :-)

Thanks Lida for your great business practices and outstanding product! You are an inspiration to all women and business owners!

Happy Holidays!


Purely Academic
Dear Hanky Panky,

Here is our story:

My best friend and I met our freshman year of college at Barnard. That was 7 years ago. Unfortunately, our post graduate studies have kept us separated but we make sure to visit as often as we can. Recently, during a visit to New York City we visited our old campus to see the new student center. While in the student store, we couldn’t believe that our favorite underwear had made their way to our alma mater with Barnard bedazzled in crystals on the waistband. We had the pleasure of meeting Hanky Panky CEO and Barnard graduate Lida Orzeck at a function senior year and were delighted to see her continuing to show her support to Barnard years later. Needless to say we both had to have a pair and also purchased a pair for her little sister who just started her freshman year. Many thanks for your wonderful undies from two Barnard alums!

Ashley and Charlotte

5 Things I Can't Live Without
I can count five things that have vastly improved my life, and the Hanky Panky retro thong is amongst them. As a plus-size gal it's hard to find attractive undies that aren't either designed for grannies or inappropriate for my body type. And the idea of a thong was preposterous! They are butt-floss! Painful! Weird-fitting! All of this changed when I was given a black plus size retro Hanky Panky thong. It was night and day to the $4 Target® panties I was wearing. The retro thong fit like a dream. The dreaded visible panty line was abolished forever. They were pretty without being too delicate to stand up to wearing or washing. And the thong part absolutely did not cut me in half. It merely covers—without entering—the butt cleavage. I have about 15 pairs of Hanky Panky retro thongs, a couple regular thongs and three pairs of boy shorts, too. They truly have been transformational as I am always comfortable and confident—no more pulling at my clothes or worrying about being able to see my panties. Over two years later, my original pair is still going strong. And boy, if they could talk, I'd have to shoot them. Want to know what those five life-changing things are? Here goes:

  1. My iPhone® wakes me, keeps me on schedule, connects, entertains and educates me.
  2. My DVR not only lets me conveniently record shows, it lets me pause them so I can listen to the latest cool things that my husband has to say during the last five minutes of every movie.
  3. My Scottevest® hoodie carries my everything in its 17 pockets.
  4. My retainers keep my recently transformed teeth in place, having gone from snaggle-toothed to practically perfect.
  5. My Hanky Panky retro thong provides a beautiful, seamless frame to my ample butt.
Thanks for everything that you guys do. I really love my Hanky Panky lingerie.

Love, Cat

A Family Tradition
My grandmother was very generous with my mother when she was growing up—if my mother liked something of my grandmother's, it would be hers. My mother feels it is important to continue that tradition and I'm glad.

I am shameless in my requests and she always says, “yes.” Imagine my surprise when I discovered a box from Nordstrom containing a coat (for me) and a Hanky Panky thong. I asked if it was for me. She said, “NO.” It was hers. Then, I asked if I could have it. Again, she said, “NO,” but she would buy me some.

I can't wait to find out for myself why your thongs are so great. And I'm glad my mom is treating herself to nice undies, too.

Fall Favors
Dear Hanky Panky,

I am throwing a bridal shower for a friend of mine in late October. I was thinking of party favor ideas to give our guests and thought about soaps, candles, cookies, or picture frames. I really want to give a memorable and fun gift! I was getting ready to go out shopping for favors and laid out my clothes for the day. I looked at my red Hanky Panky thong. I thought, wouldn't it be great to give those as favors?! So I am! I purchased Hanky Panky's in great fall colors like red, green, brown, and purple and am going to arrange them in a big basket to hand out by the front door as people leave! I am so excited and know they will be a bit hit!

Happy Fall,


Changed Her Ways

One day long ago, my dearest girls and I were emailing (as we often did, since we lived in four corners of the US), on the most important topic of panties! They were going on and on about the surprising comfort and ease of wearing thongs! I was in disbelief. I had tried them once and horrible memories of childhood wedgies (compliments of my big brother), entered my mind at mach speed.  Off they went and I vowed to never go there again! 

As I so eloquently shared my experience with my girls, they told me to try the very unusually-named, and oh-so-comfortable thongs by Hanky Panky. Well, I lived in a small, remote town that did not carry any such panties and I told them so. Hence, my vow to never allow those "types" to come near my "nether regions" continued!

So, my days of discount store full-coverage panties served me well until a very delightful day that May (my birthday)! As I returned home after a long day of work, I received a package from all three of the girls!  Lo and behold, a pair of Hanky Panky thongs blessed my home and I dared to give them a try!  How could I not? These are the ladies I trusted and adored all my young life!

I did it. I actually put them on for an entire day of work. I was convinced that I would be emailing them about how horrible the experience was and how could they say they love me, after putting me through such pain! But, to my surprise, there was no pain, there were no lines, there was only LOVE! And from that moment on, I have embraced not only the undying appreciation of my girls but the love for Hanky Panky low-rise thongs

Thank you for changing my ways!

Exposed Curves
I'm a man who enjoys women with curves. So, it should go without saying that I like to see as much of those curves as possible. The issue with most of my girlfriend’s underwear is  that it covers up the best parts. I asked her if she would ever consider wearing a thong. The answer was always about a lack of comfort, which is understandable.
I searched on the internet for a sexy, yet comfortable thong for her. I came across an article about this company called Hanky Panky, whose thongs were given great reviews. I purchased an original rise thong for her to try out and she loved how it fit her body. I get to see more of her shapely and beautiful figure anytime she wears it. She now wears sexy underwear, something she thought impossible before Hanky Panky came into her life.

My Favorite Beginning to End
About two years ago I fell and injured my back. I went to the hospital and had x-rays done and I had my Hanky Panky panties on.

My back was not broken thank god, but I had to have physical therapy. As the therapist manipulated my back and I stretched as far as I could, my Hanky Panky panties were with me! They were the only comfortable underwear that I could wear that did not ride up in the back. Months of therapy did not do any good and I had to get epidural steroid shots. Hanky Panky panties were the only ones that I could wear so the doctor had maximum access to my back, not to mention I could keep some of my modesty while laying on the cold steel table.

Well it is now a year later and at the end of August 2010 I will be having back surgery, and yes you guessed it they will be rolling me into the OR in my Hanky Panky panties!!!!!


Susan M

Post-Surgical Hanky Panky
Almost a week ago, I had ankle surgery, which everyone knows, leads to a cast that impedes regular shower habits. It was also at about this time that I saw Hanky Panky featured on Rachel Ray. When my pretty panties arrived, I was very excited. Not only do they live up to the promises of flattering comfort, but they also help me feel beautiful while my wardrobe is limited to basketball shorts and other fitness-type garb. When my fiancé saw me in them, he too was a satisfied customer. Hanky Panky is such a comfort in this time of post surgical pain.

41 Glorious Weeks of Hanky Panky
I've worn nothing but Hanky Panky original rise thongs for years, so I have a wonderful array of rainbow hues in my lingerie drawer. When I got pregnant, I dreaded having to put aside my pretty lacy under-things and wear awful, gigantic granny panties.

I decided I would wear my Hanky Panky beauties as long as possible—and to my delight and surprise, they remained comfortable and snug-fitting throughout my entire glorious 41-week pregnancy! During those 10 months, I had so much fun playing with colors. I wore thongs in gender-neutral hues until we found out we were having a girl, and after that I practically wore out all of my pink and other girly shades.

As soon as possible after our daughter's birth, I was back in my favorite comfortable, sexy, sassy lacy thongs and treated myself to a bunch of new colors as a "mommy" gift to myself. Hanky Panky, thank you for such a great product that can flex with any and all aspects of a woman's life and figure!
Columbus, Ohio

A Perfect Match
I love to wear matching bras and undies, but always find that pretty bras never come with comfortable and flattering thongs! They're invariably too "stringy" or too high cut or they squeeze me in all the wrong places, giving me a "muffin top" before I've even put my jeans on.  So, I ended up only buying bras that had nice matching bottoms—which obviously limited my choice substantially!  And then I found Hanky Panky.  What a lifesaver!  I now buy bras and then buy a Hanky Panky low rise thong of the same color to match.  So, not only do the top and bottom match, but I also look and feel fantastic!  Thanks so much.  You've not only made buying thongs the easiest thing ever, but you've eased my bra buying process, too. 

I've moved to Hong Kong now and have ordered some in the US for a friend to bring to me when she visits.  Can't wait for the day when you ship overseas!


A Love for Hanky Panky
I just wanted to tell you how much I love Hanky Panky underwear. I have gotten rid of all of my other undies, I give them as gifts and I tell everyone how much I love them. I wore them to get pregnant, during my pregnancy and after. I am pregnant again and still loving them.
Just wanted to share!

The Choice of Stylists
I made an appointment to have creative professional stylist, Meryl Gabay, look at my wardrobe and tell me what to wear for a photo shoot.  She was also going to rummage through some of the pieces of clothing in my closet and tell me what to toss and what to keep.  The woman has a great eye for detail and she knows how to make her clients look their best.    
As we’re planning the morning of our meeting, I ask her if there is anything that I can do to get ready for her.   Would she like coffee waiting?  Should I be wearing make-up?  How should I wear my hair?  Is she afraid of dogs?  “No, No, No, Susan, don’t worry about that stuff, just make sure you are wearing Hanky Panky underwear.  They make the best fitting under layers which eliminate any potential lines in your clothing.”  Since that famous day, Meryl and I have become friends, and I hear about her busy days with clients.   The one thing that is consistent is that she tells all her clients to wear Hanky Panky.  And she’s right, “look, Ma, no lines” which is a good thing because Meryl doesn’t believe in pantyhose. 
Susan G.

A Knock-Out Interview
One night I was researching my dream college, Barnard, as I sat down to write my college essays, and I came across the online college store. I was so surprised to see that the store sold Hanky Panky thongs! It was just another benefit to my already perfect school. But then I saw that one of the founders of Hanky Panky had attended the school, and I thought it would only be fitting to buy a thong as a good luck charm for the college process. I saved it, without wearing it, until my interview for Barnard.

The interviewer was so impressed by me that a few months later I got my acceptance letter. I think it's no coincidence that using my favorite thong to link me into a legacy of bright women graduating from Barnard certainly helped my chances secretly! But I also know that wearing it made me feel extra confident, just as I'll feel at Barnard, and it's a "good luck charm" I plan to use to my advantage frequently in the future!

Biking Bride
I've always been a cotton hipster type of gal. I'd much rather suffer panty lines than the discomfort of a thong.

My friend recently gave me a pair of your low rise thongs as the "something blue" for my wedding day and I don't remember thinking about my undies once. We even biked seven miles to our reception!

Thank you for allowing me to focus on more important things on my wedding day.

Angela H. (teacher)

Things Happen
So, two things you should know before I begin:
  1. I really don’t have time for non-comfy undies
  2. Things tend to happen to me.
One of the things that happened to me happened on April 11th, when I was nominated for a Streamy Best Actress Award for the webseries Anyone But Me. I arrived in LA at midnight the night before my first big awards ceremony, and for the first time in my life, I was actually not freaking out that I’d forgotten anything. I had my dress, my shoes, and, most importantly, my lucky red Hanky Panky low-rise thong (with the super-cute gold stars) which was going to make me feel sexy and confident on the big day, and not like I was wearing an ill-fitting torture device.
My adorably detail-oriented boyfriend, on the other hand, was having a minor meltdown after realizing he’d left his suit on a New York City subway, 3000 miles away. He’d had better nights.
So, after a frenzied morning of finding him new threads before the start of the afternoon ceremony (which we did, in a feat of awesomeness), I pretty much baseball slid into the make-up chair for red carpet prep. It was one of those times where one really wishes one had kept up with all that Zen meditation one always starts but then realizes is difficult and/or slightly soporific. But, it didn’t matter how stressed I was, because I was bloody well prepared! I had my dress, my heels, and my lucky red Hanky Panky thong (with the stars!) which was right…back in my suitcase, about an hour away in LA traffic. And, seriously, it takes a lot to genuinely bring me down, but my heart died a little when that happened.
Enter Lida Orzeck, a supernatural entity who often shows up at crucial points in my life. “I have an extra!” she yelled, waving a thong, which she produced (I can only guess) from thin air. And it was a black classic rise! And so cute! And my God, it was magic, because it fit beautifully! I felt so confident in my new cute thong, I actually wasn’t even nervous about walking the red carpet - wearing those Hanky Panky undies really made me feel like a star!
And now, I have a whole extra lucky thong, because, about two hours after that all happened to me, this other thing happened where I actually won that Best Actress award. Thank you Academy; thank you Hanky Panky!

Rediscovered Femininity
A year ago,  I had surgery for a hysterectomy and leaky bladder repair.  I had problems for so many years with very heavy lengthy periods and a bladder that was constantly leaking. I had to wear incontinence  pads 24 hours a day. I only had ugly underwear since there was no point in wearing anything nice. They would only get ruined. I felt totally miserable about my femininity.

I made a vow that after the surgery every pair of underwear I owned was going to be thrown out and I would get lovely sexy new ones. And I did! 

They have been replaced with Hanky Panky lace thongs 4811X in every colour I can possibly get. 12 and counting so far! Even we bigger girls like sexy undies and these are fantastic. They are so comfy. Keep making the larger size in more colours! I am now 51 and I have never felt more confident and sexy in my whole life. 

I live in a small town and even though the boutique here carries Hanky Pankies, they seem to have an aversion to keeping the larger sizes in stock. This did not stop me at all. I now buy them online and I am always seeking the colour I do not have.

I am totally obsessed with these undies. They are like collecting colourful candies. It is always  fun to try and decide, “what colour today?”  (Today is yellow!)  I have the prettiest clothesline when it's delicates wash day.  Reminds me of Buddhist prayer flags on a windy day.


Picton, Ontario

Small Things Matter
Hello Hanky Panky,

I was very skeptical when my friend turned me onto these. I was remarking that I needed to find some pretty, nice-fitting undies, because mine were looking really ragged (I hadn't bought new underwear in over 5 years). She said that she always got something called Hanky Panky from Nordstrom, and although expensive, she had a standing order for these as gifts from her husband.

Life is very stressful right now, as my employment situation (like so many others') is precarious, and there have been illnesses and death within my closest circle of family. Visiting is difficult due to lengthy distances, and cost is always a concern.

I don't have a lot of money, and I know it is silly and even frivolous, but having pretty underwear has become a small thing I can do for myself. After shopping around, I took the plunge and ordered 6 pairs of Hanky Pankys. I figured it was an investment in necessary clothing.

I was waiting anxiously and hoping they would be all that the hype suggested (I read the Thong Diaries). They were expensive, and I was feeling guilty about spending so much. Well, I needn't have worried; they are wonderful! I Love Them!! They are definitely worth the money, and I will be taking the very best care of these to make sure they last for years.

Thank you so much for having a great product! Things are still stressful, but at least I have awesome underwear. Small things DO matter, and every time I put them on, they make me feel a bit brighter.

A Healing Gift
Although I just turned 49 when I had my double mastectomy, I considered myself a young woman. Following the surgery, I began the process of returning to feeling whole and attractive to myself and to my husband. That was when I wanted to stop wearing “functional” clothing and turn to clothing that made me feel more womanly.

My cousin’s daughter sent me my first Hanky Panky panties. She could not have known the tremendous impact that wearing beautiful and comfortable underwear would have on my recovery. The psychological and emotional boost contributed to my developing confidence and acceptance during my reconstructive process.

I attended the wedding of the special young woman who made such an impact on me and that is when I shared my story with her.

I am now a mentor for breast cancer patients and I believe that helping breast cancer survivors strengthen their self-image through everything from exercise, intimacy, or treating themselves to something special—such as something lacy—drastically improves self-image and recovery. Expressing acceptance and encouragement as a woman transitions from a pre-cancer to a post-cancer body is very important. Hanky Panky panties and camis did this for me!

Gail Zanelotti
As an almost 70 year-old Bubbie (grandma), I wear ONLY Hanky Panky thongs as my undergarment of choice.
Recently, I took my 10-year-old granddaughter shopping with me as I needed new yoga pants.While in the dressing room together, with my back to her, I bent over and removed my trousers in order to try on the yoga pants.In the cramped quarters with my rear end close to her she exclaimed, “BUBBIE, YOU HAVE A WEDGIE”!  In my experience, this was the first time I had the heard the two words, “Bubbie” and “wedgie” used in the same sentence.