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Comfort is Key: How to Find the Most Comfortable Underwear

Comfort is Key: How to Find the Most Comfortable Underwear

Underwear is an essential piece of clothing, but it often gets overlooked when it comes to comfort. Wearing uncomfortable underwear can be frustrating, distracting, and even painful. Finding the most comfortable underwear for your body type and lifestyle can truly make all the difference. Thankfully, you came to the right place. As the makers of the World’s Most Comfortable Thong®, we know a thing or two about comfort. Let us guide you through the most comfortable underwear and what to look for when shopping.

Understanding Your Body Type

The first step in finding the most comfortable underwear is understanding your body type. Everyone has a unique body shape, and it's essential to find underwear that fits your body comfortably. Whether you're curvy, athletic, petite, or plus-size, there are many underwear styles that will suit your body type.

Consider Your Waist and Hip Measurements

Before you start shopping, taking your waist and hip measurements can be a helpful starting point to finding the best size. Underwear that's too tight can dig into your skin causing chafing, and be uncomfortable for long periods of wear. On the other hand, underwear that's too loose can bunch up, ride up, or even fall off.

Different Body Shapes, Different Styles

There are many types of underwear styles that are designed to fit different body types. For example, briefs are a great option for those with straighter body shapes, while thongs work well for those with curvier figures (but, truly–anyone!). High-waisted underwear is also an option for those who want more coverage around their waist and stomach area.

Choosing the Right Fabric

The type of fabric you choose for your underwear can significantly impact its comfort level. When shopping for underwear, look for fabrics that are soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Here are some of the best fabrics for comfortable underwear:


Cotton is a popular choice for underwear because it's soft, breathable, and gentle on the skin. It's also a natural fiber that's easy to care for and long-lasting. Look for cotton underwear that has a small amount of stretch for added comfort. We use the best of the best cotton: Supima®!


Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that's soft, lightweight, and breathable. It's also moisture-wicking, which means it can help keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. Microfiber underwear, like BreatheSoft™ is a great option for those who lead an active lifestyle and want something nearly invisible to wear under workout gear.


Modal is a type of rayon that's made from beech tree fibers. It's incredibly soft, lightweight, and has excellent moisture-wicking properties. Modal underwear, like 3 for $48 favorite DreamEase™, is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. 

Finding the Right Support

Underwear should not only be comfortable, but it should also provide the right support for your body. Whether you need extra support for your back, stomach, or hips, there are underwear styles that can help. Here are some of the best underwear styles for different types of support:

High-Waisted Underwear

High-waisted underwear is a great option for those who want more support around their stomach and hips. It can have a smoothing effect and provide a flattering silhouette. High-waisted underwear is also an excellent option for those who want more midsection coverage.

Paying Attention to Details

When shopping for comfortable underwear, it's essential to pay attention to the details. Here are some things to look for when shopping:


The waistband of your underwear should be snug but not too tight. Look for a waistband that's made from a soft, stretchy material that won't dig into your skin or roll down. A wide waistband, like our Retro Lace styles, can also help provide more comfort and support.

Leg Openings

The leg openings of your underwear should fit snugly without digging into your skin. Look for underwear with a smooth, flat edge that won't bunch up or ride up throughout the day.


The seams of your underwear should be smooth and flat to prevent irritation and chafing. 

Investing in Quality Underwear

Investing in quality underwear is essential for finding the most comfortable options. While it may be tempting to go for the lowest price, these options are often uncomfortable, poorly made, and wear out quickly. Here are some benefits of investing in high-quality underwear:


High-quality underwear is designed to last longer and maintain its shape and comfort through multiple washes and wears. We design our undies with durability in mind, always!


High-quality underwear is often made from better materials and construction, which means it will be more comfortable to wear for long periods.


High-quality underwear is often designed to provide better support and shaping for your body, which can improve your overall comfort and confidence.

Finding the most comfortable underwear can make all the difference in your everyday life. By understanding your body type, choosing the right fabric and support, paying attention to details, and investing in quality, you can find the perfect pair of underwear that feels great and fits perfectly. Don't settle for uncomfortable undies! Prioritize comfort, and enjoy the benefits of feeling good all day long.


  1. What are some common types of underwear for different body types?

Different body types may feel more comfortable in certain styles of underwear, but you never know until you try! For example, those with a curvier figure may prefer boyshorts or high-waisted underwear for added coverage and support. More athletic builds may prefer boxer briefs—but the there are no rules!  It's important to try out different styles and find what works best for your unique body type.

     2. How can I ensure the waistband of my underwear fits properly?

To ensure a proper fit in the waistband, measure around the natural waistline and choose underwear with a waistband that matches this measurement. It's also important to look for underwear with a stretchy waistband that won't dig into your skin or roll down. We always make sure our waistbands are comfortable for all-day wear.


     3. What are some benefits of investing in high-quality underwear?

Investing in high-quality underwear can provide a range of benefits, such as improved comfort, durability, and support. High-quality underwear is also less likely to bunch up, ride up, or wear out quickly, which means you'll have to replace them less often.

     4. How often should I replace my underwear?

It's generally recommended to replace your underwear every six months to a year, depending on how frequently you wear them and how well you take care of them. Signs that it's time to replace your underwear include holes, frayed edges, stretched out elastic, or loss of shape. When it's time to get rid of your old undies, you can responsibly recycle them through our Lingeriecycle® program.

      5. Can wearing uncomfortable underwear cause health problems?

It's important to prioritize comfort and choose underwear that fits well and feels great on your body to avoid any unwanted irritation or discomfort.