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How to Wear a Garter Belt

How to Wear a Garter Belt

Garter belts are sultry accessories that add a special touch to any lingerie look. These stylish lingerie staples have a rich history, stemming from the practical need to hold up stockings before the invention of elastic. Today, garter belts are both practical and a popular fashion statement.


Keep reading to discover the many ways to wear a garter belt with confidence and style.

Choosing the Right Garter Belt


Finding Your Size

Before buying your first garter belt, it's important to find the right size for a comfortable and flattering fit. To find your size, measure around your waist and around your hips. Take a look at the size chart to select the size that best aligns with your measurements. Remember, a well-fitted garter belt will ensure both comfort and style.

Considering the Style and Design

Garter belts come in many styles and designs to suit different preferences and occasions. From delicate lace to sleek satin, there are options for everyone. Whether you want something feminine and flirty or more simple and streamlined, a more vintage-inspired look or a modern twist, choose a garter belt that reflects your own unique style. 

Pairing a Garter Belt with Lingerie

Matching Colors and Fabrics

When pairing a garter belt with lingerie, it's a great opportunity to create a matching look or experiment with unique pairings. Choose a garter belt that matches or complements the color and fabric of your other lingerie pieces. For example, if you're wearing black lace lingerie, you could opt for a black lace garter belt to create a sexy and monochrome look. But you should feel encouraged to experiment! Try different combinations to find the look you feel best in.

Coordinating with Different Styles

Garter belts can be worn with many lingerie styles, including bralettes, panties, bodysuits and teddies. To create a complete look, coordinate your garter belt with the other lingerie pieces you're wearing. Try pairing a garter belt with a matching bra and panty set for a classic yet sexy combination. Feel free to mix and match different pieces to express your personal style.

Putting on a Garter Belt


Getting Ready

Before putting on a garter belt, it always helps to take a second to ensure that the straps and clasps are adjusted correctly. Make sure the straps aren’t too loose or too tight so the stockings can sit comfortably on your thighs. Check that the clasps are securely attached to the stockings for a reliable hold. Now, you’re ready to put it on!

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Put on the rest of your lingerie and adjust it for a comfortable fit.
  2. Attach the stockings to the garter belt by fastening the clasps to the tops of the stockings (aka thigh-highs!). Start from the front or back, depending on your preference.
  3. Gently pull the stockings on, making sure they are smooth.
  4. Adjust the garter belt straps as necessary to make sure the stockings are at the desired height.
  5. Walk around to check that the stockings and garter belt are secure and comfortable.

Express Yourself with Garter Belts

Wearing a garter belt is an empowering and sensual experience that allows you to express your individual style and embrace your femininity. By choosing the right garter belt, pairing it with complementary lingerie, and wearing it with confidence can be a feel-good experience. Embrace and enjoy the transformative power of lingerie by adding a garter belt to your lingerie collection.


Can garter belts be worn with different types of stockings?

Yes, garter belts can be worn with various types of stockings, including sheer, opaque, or patterned stockings–or as a standalone lingerie accessory. Make sure the stockings have reinforced tops to attach securely to the garter belt.


Are garter belts comfortable to wear for extended periods?

Opt for garter belts made with adjustable straps and soft materials to ensure maximum comfort during extended wear.


Can garter belts be worn under everyday clothing?

While garter belts are primarily worn as lingerie accessories, some might choose to wear them under everyday clothing for an extra boost of confidence or a visible part of an outfit. It’s up to you!

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