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3 Pack Original Rise Thongs


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The Comfort Briefing

The Underwear Refresh You Deserve Today

The Underwear Refresh You Deserve Today
How do you want to feel when you get dressed in the morning? We’ve all got that favorite skirt we slip on for an instant confidence boost. A flirty, floral dress when we’re feeling fun. And lived-in sweats for a day of zoning out.
The one thing we never want to feel, though, is uncomfortable or unsexy. Clothes that don’t make us feel 100% end up in a pile for donation or the trash, but the same isn’t always true for tired-out, unflattering underwear.
If you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet you’ve got at least one pair of underwear that doesn’t fit that brief (pun intended). And if that’s true, then it’s time to refresh. Why not treat your lingerie wardrobe like you treat yourself? Because when you’re feeling frumpy and frazzled, it’s all about investing in self-care to get back on top.

The confidence-boosting power of underwear self-care


A good pair of underwear is like an exciting secret — no one knows that you’re rocking it, other than you. It’s a way to embrace your style without putting it on display. And the functionality is super important, too.
We’re talking lace underwear for an evening out with friends. A comfortable thong for a day of work-from-home. A breathable, stretchy pair for a sweat sesh at the gym. A sexy black number to match first date butterflies.
There’s no denying it: the right underwear can do a lot for making you feel like you. Wouldn’t you call that an investment worth making?


Your underwear, your way


There’s a whole world of choice when it comes to great underwear –– see ya later, discount store panties!
To help you navigate your options and find a shape for you, these are the lingerie drawer staples we believe that every woman should own.



Original rise thong


Let’s be honest: how you feel on the inside really shows on the outside. Wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting underwear made of cheap material is going to impact your day for the worse.
Not everyone is a huge fan of thongs. But if you’re ready to give them a go, then an original rise thong is really the best starting point. It’s the most classic cut and style, designed to feel good on bodies of all shapes and sizes.
Original rise thongs are the style you’ll reach for again and again — not just because they’re so comfortable, but because they have an unbeatable ability to dial the sexy up. At Hanky Panky, we’re very proud to be home to the world’s most comfortable thong. Ours are made to fit perfectly, and it’s unlikely that you’ll stop at owning just one pair.
Whether you go for lace or cotton, printed or solid color, Hanky Panky’s original rise thong makes everyone feel good.





A good pair of full-coverage underwear makes you feel held in and secure. It won’t ride up, get loose in the laundry, or pinch your skin.
Full-coverage underwear includes boyshorts, French briefs, V-kinis, and high-waisted knickers. They’re comfortable enough for everything from work-days to working out. They are also versatile enough that everyone can find their perfect style and shape.
Cute printed lace boyshorts are a fun way to keep your sense of style if you have to wear a uniform every day, while hot pink lace briefs can make you feel ultra-feminine even when wearing pajamas at home.



Lace thongs


Lace thongs can be a divisive piece of clothing, but when you get the right one, you know you’ve struck gold. While cotton panties are often heralded as the most important wardrobe staple, we’re here to make an argument for a classic lace thong instead.
If you’re wearing a tight dress or pants, and want to avoid a visible panty line, thongs are your answer. Just hearing ‘lace thong’ often conjures the image of black or red barely-there underwear, but we’re no longer tied to these ‘traditional’ and ‘sexy’ color options.
We’ve embraced the fun and flirty style of a lace thong, and brought it to life with a variety of prints, colors, and shapes. Who could say no to a strawberry-print thong? Or a retro-style thong with a thick, comfortable band that holds you in? Basically: the options are endless.
Ready for a full-on underwear drawer refresh? Check out our Instagram for our latest styles, and a never-ending stream of lingerie inspiration.