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Types of Garter Belts

Types of Garter Belts

Garter belts have been an alluring and timeless piece of lingerie for centuries (dating back to the 1700s!). They not only serve a practical purpose by keeping stockings in place but also add a sultry and feminine element to any outfit. With various designs and styles, garter belts have evolved over time to suit different preferences and occasions.

Get ready to discover the many different types of garter belts, their functions, and how they can take your lingerie collection to the next level.

Traditional Garter Belts

Traditional garter belts are reminiscent of the classic designs that have stood the test of time. They typically consist of a wide band made of satin, lace, or mesh that wraps around the waist. The band has four or more straps with metal clips at the ends, designed to hold up stockings securely. Traditional garter belts exude vintage glam and are popular among those who appreciate a timeless aesthetic.

Modern Garter Belts

In more recent years, garter belts have undergone a transformation to cater to modern tastes and preferences. Modern designs often feature sleeker and more minimalist aesthetics, but use similar materials from satin and silk to innovative fabrics like microfiber and mesh. Some modern garter belts even incorporate additional features like adjustable straps, removable clips, or embellishments. 

Practical Considerations

When choosing a garter belt, it’s important to consider practical factors such as fit and sizing. Garter belts should sit comfortably around the waist without digging into the skin. Opting for adjustable straps ensures a customized fit, allowing for flexibility and ease of movement. Plus, choosing the right stockings is key to achieving a look that both feels and looks good.

Styling Garter Belts

Garter belts offer a wide range of styling possibilities. They can be paired with lingerie sets, corsets, or even worn as a sultry element beneath everyday attire. The mix-and-match potential allows for endless combinations and ways to express your unique sense of style. While garter belts were worn for more practical reasons in the past, garter belts are now worn more and more visibly–as the innerwear as outerwear trend continues to gain popularity. 


Occasions for Wearing Garter Belts

You need no occasion–but garter belts are suitable for many occasions, ranging from everyday wear to special events. They add an element of allure to any lingerie ensemble, making them a go-to for romantic occasions. Garter belts are often featured as a bridal lingerie staple on a wedding day.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure your garter belts stay looking and feeling great, proper care is essential. Care instructions may vary depending on the materials used, but generally, hand-washing or gentle machine cycles are recommended. It’s important to avoid harsh detergents or bleaching agents that may damage the delicate fabrics. Storing garter belts in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight also helps preserve their quality and prevent any potential damage.

Where to Find Garter Belts

Ready to try wearing a garter belt for yourself? Look no further. Here at Hanky Panky we have a variety of garter belts to choose from–including wedding day (and night) options and more. A simple yet sexy option is our super soft and stretchy Signature Lace Garter Belt that comes in both classic black and a soft white. For brides, the Rosalyn Leg Garter is a perfect choice to wear on your big day. 


Garter belts continue to be a sexy and fashionable addition to include in your lingerie rotation. From traditional designs to more modern takes, garter belts offer both functionality and style. Whether you're looking to enhance your everyday add something special to your look on a special occasion, garter belts are a great option. Remember to choose quality materials and explore different styles to find the perfect garter belt for you.