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The Comfort Briefing Thongology

How to Wear Thongs Comfortably All Day Long

How to Wear Thongs Comfortably All Day Long

Thongs are an underwear style that can be both sexy and practical. Some people avoid thongs because thongs been known to ride up, cause chafing or irritation, or just generally feel uncomfortable. Luckily, we considered all of that when designing our cult favorite World’s Most Comfortable Thong® back in 1986.  We put comfort, durability, and quality first–so you have a thong that is so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing underwear.


Keep reading for some of our most helpful tips and tricks for wearing thongs comfortably to make sure you feel good all day long.

Introduction to Thongs

Before we dive into the tips and tricks for wearing thongs comfortably, let's start with an introduction to thongs. Thongs are a type of underwear that feature a narrow strip of fabric that runs between the butt cheeks, with a triangular-shaped piece of fabric that covers the front of the genital area. Thongs come in a variety of styles, including G-string, Original Rise, Low Rise, and High Rise (aka Retro), among others. Thongs can be worn to avoid visible panty lines and for comfort throughout the day.

Finding the Right Thong Size

One of the most important factors when it comes to wearing thongs comfortably is finding the right size. Thongs that are too small can ride up, while thongs that are too large can bunch up. When shopping for thongs, it can be very helpful to know your measurements and to try on different sizes to find the one that fits the best–many of ours fit a range of sizes from 2-12, 4-14 as well as Plus and Petite options.

Choosing the Right Thong Material

Choosing the right fabric is just as important as silhouette when it comes to comfort. It is best to choose thongs made of soft, breathable fabrics such as cotton (we use the best Supima® cotton!). And for something super stretchy, long-lasting,  barely-there, and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with our Signature Lace thongs. The gussets of our lace thongs are also made of Supima® Cotton for ultimate comfort and breathability. 

Preparing Your Skin

It might seem extra, and this is by no means essential–but you can also prep your skin before wearing a thong (or any undies!). Make sure to shower or bathe and apply a moisturizer or even a powder, such as talcum or cornstarch, to the inner thigh area to help prevent friction and irritation.

Adjusting the Thong

Adjusting the thong throughout the day can also help with comfort. If you feel the thong starting to ride up, try adjusting it back into place. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with our thongs. Our signature V-front and V-back waistband hugs you just right for an always-flattering and comfortable fit. 

Choosing the Right Outfit

When wearing one of our thongs, you can totally sit back, relax, and forget you’re wearing one. Your outfit options are endless–because our thongs are so soft, stretchy, and close to invisible. Wear a BreatheSoft™ moisture-wicking, seamless thong under your workout look, or a Signature Lace thong for everyday comfort.  

Caring for Your Thong

Make sure to change your thong daily, and avoid wearing the same thong for multiple days in a row–even though it’s so comfortable you might want to. It’s important to wash your thongs with care to make sure they’ll last and last.

Wearing thongs comfortably all day long might have seemed impossible, but it’s very possible with Hanky Panky thongs. All you have to do is find the best fit and material for you. By following some of our tips, you can feel confident and comfortable while wearing your fave thong all day long.


  1. Can thongs cause infections?

Practicing proper hygiene is important, such as changing your thong daily and washing them with care.

     2. Can men wear thongs?

Yes, men can wear thongs! Anyone can wear a thong.

     3. Can thongs be worn while exercising?

Yes, thongs can be worn while exercising. We recommend cotton thongs or our moisture-wicking BreatheSoft™ thongs. Some people even find that thongs can be more comfortable during exercise than full-coverage underwear.

     4. Can thongs be worn during pregnancy?

Thongs can be worn during pregnancy, especially thongs made of soft, breathable material. Some pregnant women may prefer to wear maternity underwear for added comfort and support.